Donation/Sponsorship Submission Form

Please read and agree to the following terms:


In response to COVID-19, we have made some temporary changes to our Big Pitcher program. Founders is committed to serving our communities as best we can during this time of need, however, we are also committed to adhering to the requirements for social distancing. As a result, here are some additional guidelines:

  • We have made the decision to temporarily suspend all donation requests for in-person event-based submissions, until further notice. 
  • If you plan to host a virtual event, we would be happy to review your submission request.
  • To best serve our communities and those most impacted by this pandemic, we will be considering requests from all organization categories, not limited to our three core categories of Social Justice, Environmental and Arts & Culture listed below. 




Thanks for your interest in Founders Brewing! 


Our corporate giving platform, The Big Pitcher, was designed to help us give back to the causes that mean the most to us. When you support Founders, you’re also supporting our efforts to improve this world for future generations.


As you can imagine, we receive many requests daily and therefore, we have created guidelines that will help us support causes constant with our principles and values and keep things legal. 


Please review and consider the following before submitting your request.

  • We only donate to registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations
  • We provide support only to causes that fall under our three core Big Pitcher categories: Environment, Social Justice and Arts & Culture.
  • There are so many wonderful organizations out there that support very important medical causes and while we absolutely love you, those do not fall within our corporate giving platform
  • We are a beer company after all, so we do not provide support to religious organizations, events where religious affiliates are the benefactor, schools/universities or entities/events whose primary benefactors are children
  • We do not partner with bands, athletes, sports teams or golf outings
  • We are not able to donate beer, it’s against the law!


We appreciate the great work of all organizations and would love to be able to support everything, but regrettably, we must sometimes decline admirable groups.


We want to make sure that we give each request the time and attention it deserves and because of that, it takes our committee time to review requests. You must submit your request at least 60 days in advance and we will do our best to get back with you in 3-to-5 weeks. 



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